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Downtown Apex and local businesses throughout our community thrive off of the growing population, but also remain loyal to preserving our small town feel. Visitors and new residents in the area may wonder how such a small town with such an interesting collection of stores, boutiques and restaurants has progressed into becoming a dynamic bedroom community and highly acclaimed amazing shopping and dining location. It's not surprising that the answers aren't easily contained on one website.  There are numerous places where you can learn more about The Peak of Good Living.

One of the town’s greatest strengths in the area of business growth and development is its many resources and networking opportunities available to hundreds of small business owners in the area. Business growth and profitability often accumulate when a great product or service gains visibility, and then momentum, through word of mouth.  Particularly in a dynamic business community like Apex, who you know, and who other people around you know make a big difference. There are many networking organizations and activities taking in place in greater Apex throughout the calendar year.

One great example of this powerful, organic growth is the existence of the Apex Small Business Network.  This organization, founded in 2010 by Jim Vogel -- one of the area's most dynamic networkers and business builders -- meets each Tuesday morning at 9am in the Apex Chamber of Commerce Conference Room in downtown Apex.  ASBN has grown into a vibrant organization, numbering close to 100 active members.  Each weekly meeting gives members and guests the opportunity to talk about their businesses and cultivate relationships that help grow their companies.  These meetings are free to the public.  Apex BRG Executives Frank Manson and Kelli Peele are among the directors who manage and oversee this group.  To learn more and see a full roster of members, please visit the ASBN website.

ASBN is just one of many organizations and events are closely associated with the Apex Chamber of Commerce.  Here in Apex we are blessed to have the presence of an active and engaged Chamber that holds true its commitment to organizing events such as business expos, charitable activities, annual events and other programs to help member businesses promote themselves and grow. 

Apex Chamber membership benefits also include access to several resources, learning events and industry professionals.  Apex BRG Executive Tom Colhoun is one notable local business owner who has seen his company grow and flourish over the years, in part because of his active participation in Chamber committees, boards and activities.  For civic-minded individuals, there are many ways to contribute and make a difference through involvement with the Chamber.  A majority of the Apex BRG team are Chamber members and have benefitted from our participation.

As an entity, the Apex Business Resource Group is proud of our association with the Chamber and appreciate leads and referrals we receive from entrepreneurs and growing organizations in need of our expertise.  We are but one notable example of the way the Chamber helps the community and its businesses enjoy progress and a great quality of life and business.  To keep up with the many activities taking place at the Chamber and to learn more about the benefits of membership, please visit the Apex Chamber of Commerce website

The Chamber is also associated with another dynamic group -- The Apex Downtown Business Association. The ADBA is an organization of downtown businesses and other organizations that work together to support and promote the historic downtown area of Apex.  They organize special shopping events and sponsor several community events throughout the year, to encourage residential participation and provide financial support to charitable organizations.  With over 100 members, the ADBA is an important part of the Apex community. 

Another great way to keep up with community activities throughout Apex is at the town website itself.  In additon to the business aspects of the town, family oriented programs, activities, and annual events celebrated by residents, businesses and service organizations truly make Apex The Peak of Good Living.  Some of the major traditional events in Apex include Peakfest, the Rotary Pancake Breakfast, Peak City Pigfest, the Fourth of July celebration, the Jazz Festival, Trick or Treat on Salem Street, Christmas on Salem Street, and the annual Apex Christmas Parade. Be sure to visit the Town of Apex website often to learn about upcoming events and activities to partake in, as well as other information about the community.
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